Protect Yourself And Your Family With Single Mother Legal Assistance

Legal services are expensive, whether you are fighting a traffic ticket or fighting for custody of your children.  Single mother legal assistance is available through a variety of organizations and programs so that financial issues do not have to stand in the way of a single mom getting the help she needs during a divorce, child custody hearing, or child support agreement enforcement.

Single Mother Legal Assistance

The YWCA, a long standing organization dedicated to the rights of women, young and old, offer free legal services to single mothers who are dealing with divorce related issues and domestic violence, or other issues such as employment discrimination, housing, and so on.  Most major cities have a chapter of the YWCA; you can find a location near you at ywca.org.

The Legal Services Corporation, or LSC, is another non profit organization that offers free legal advice and services.  A single mother can access a skilled lawyer here to help her in a civil matter such as divorce, custody, and housing.  Lawyers volunteer their time through LSC so that low income or unemployed moms can have access to high quality legal representation to protect themselves and their household.  You can learn more about the Legal Services Corporation at lsc.gov.

At angel-connection.org, you will find access to many different services designed to help working and unemployed single mothers of young and teenage children. Included in these services is legal assistance.  Here you can be put in touch with an attorney who can help you free of charge in dealing with custody issues, restraining orders, and other divorce related hearings.  You will receive the same level of professionalism as you would with high priced law firms, and these attorneys will understand the ins and outs of family law.

Another great resource is familylawcourts.com.  Here you can find lots of information pertinent to a single parent, from debt relief to housing to child support and more.  If you are playing the role of lone parent, the information and referrals found here can be invaluable.  You will find ways to seek out appropriate legal assistance as well is advice about dealing with civil and criminal courts and judges.

Moms in Texas can access assistance and advice from the Family Initiatives Programs through the Attorney General’s Office.  The goal here is to offer services that will benefit the family as a whole and especially the children.  They will offer sound advice to custodial parents, but also offer programs to non custodial parents to encourage them to be physically and emotionally present for their children and to live up to their legal and financial obligations.  The goal is to keep the family unit strong, encourage education, and fight homelessness.  You can learn more at oag.tx.us.

Divorce issues are not the only reason single mothers often need to seek out legal assistance.  Discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment, and other legal strains must also be handled.  California families have access to legal resources through HIRE Resources.  This is a group dedicated to help with finding employment, but they also offer resources for employment law as well.  You can learn more at hirenetwork.org.

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Stimulus Package From Obama Allows Single Mothers Funding For College

By Maddison Mckenzzie
Obama believes that" In America there no barriers to success if you are willing to work for it." Raised by a single mother, he strongly believes in expanding the opportunities for working women raising families. His goal is to also help stay at home mothers make life more affordable ad a lot less stressful. His current economic plan is providing a single mother direct relief. This direct relief includes college tuition assistance.

Caregivers for Disabled Adults

By Charlotte Hoaks
Making the decision to care for a disabled adult is a life altering resolution to an already difficult situation. Weather a sibling or non-family member, the decision to become a caregiver for a disabled adult means change.

Grants and Loans For Single Mothers - Getting Free Money You Never Pay Back

By Austin Warty
If you are a single mother or father, there may be financial resources available to you that you may have never realized. Notably, grants for single parents can provide money needed to help raise your family, earn a degree, and obtain a higher paying job. The great thing about government and private grants for single mothers and fathers is that any funds obtained generally does not have to be paid back.

Obama Asks Moms to Return to School

By Ruby Houston
Debt is a part of life for millions of single parents and it is for this reason that single moms find it so difficult to go to college and embark on a course of study that will lead to a new career. That is why Obama asks moms to return to school with the incentive of government scholarships.