Single Mother Job Assistance Opens Doors For Single Moms

Finding and keeping a solid job when you are a single mother can be very difficult.  If you have recently experienced a divorce, the death of a spouse, or perhaps left a situation of domestic violence, you may not have the recent experience you need to be noticed by would-be employers, and the competition for jobs is quite stiff.  There are single mother job assistance programs, however, that can offer resources to help you secure the employment you need to take care of your family.

Single Mother Job Assistance

One effective job assistance program for single moms is funded by Walmart in conjunction with Goodwill Industries.  This program, called “Beyond Jobs,” focuses on job training and placement, as well as teaching interview skills, resume writing, and key skills for being successful on the job.  You can find this program through the Goodwill Industries facilities in five key locations:  Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit, Boston, and New York City.  To learn more about how these services work, you can visit walmartstores.com.

The professionals at the non profit organization, Dress For Success, understand that women re-entering the workforce possibly need a wardrobe for interviewing and might not have the resources to make those purchases.  If you are currently unemployed, then buying a new suit is out of the question.  This group works with a variety of corporate partners to collect new and gently used suits to be donated to low income and even homeless women to help them make a good professional impression in their interviews.  Additional information about this program is available at dressforsuccess.org.

Single mothers in California can find part time and full time opportunities through the California Employment Development Department.  This state funded organization offers incentives to companies for hiring a parent from an at risk household or a young mother in need of a boost.  In addition, they offer “H.I.R.E. Resources,” which include job training and coaching and an annual job fair to help their clients make themselves visible to potential employers.  Residents of California can apply for services at hirenetwork.org.

In Texas, the Texas Workforce Commission recognizes that the unemployment rates are stilted away from single parents.  For this reason, they have created a program that provides emergency funding for unemployed single parents to help them make ends meet until they are working again.  In addition, they offer help with writing resumes and with the job search, itself.  You can learn more at oag.state.tx.us.

ParentJobNet.org is a non profit organization, run on charitable donations, that is dedicated to getting parents of young to teenage children out to work.  Being the lone parent makes it very difficult to make ends meet and manage debt, especially without gainful employment.  ParentJobNet.org  is a New York City based organization that operates out of public schools in the area, providing job training, coaching in the fields of resume writing and interviewing, and the network opportunities to help them find work. 

At singlemom.net, you will find a myriad of ideas about how to find a job and how best to go after the job that you want.  This includes resume writing skills, interview skills, and information about where to go online to find jobs posted that are currently available.  If you have not looked for work in a long time, you will find this assistance to be very helpful.

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How to Find Single Mom Grants

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